We have the pleasure to communicate you that Julio Verne School is the coordinator centre of the project 4LIFE (For Literacy and Inclusion through Fun and Edutainment), co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Program

The above-mentioned project will be developed internationally for two years. Julio Verne School will be leading and coordinating the agenda, actions and activities what will take place throughout the project, together with five collaborating schools.

The key outcome for this project is the development of inclusion in the classroom trough reading and writing skills.

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4lifeproject - Erasmus+

Coordinators’ Kick-off meeting

The two-day meeting in Madrid was addressed to Erasmus + KA229 coordinators for the projects selected in 2019. The event gathered 209 participants from all over Spain and 25 of them were from the Valencian Community.

The European priorities for this year are social inclusion, Europe’s cultural heritage and early school leaving.

There were two dynamic days full of relevant information concerning a wide range of aspects for the projects’ management. The schedule and the interactive activities allowed participants to share information, and create workspaces that promoted collaboration, networking and learning from more experienced colleagues.

SEPIES’s employees shared the needed information with professionalism and excellent knowledge. They solved every doubt and provided information concerning the management aspects of the projects. A big thank you for an in-depth introduction into the awesome community of ERASMUS+.