We have the pleasure to communicate you that Julio Verne School is the coordinator centre of the project 4LIFE (For Literacy and Inclusion through Fun and Edutainment), co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Program

The above-mentioned project will be developed internationally for two years. Julio Verne School will be leading and coordinating the agenda, actions and activities what will take place throughout the project, together with five collaborating schools.

The key outcome for this project is the development of inclusion in the classroom trough reading and writing skills.

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Darica (Turkey)

  • 2nd December 2019 – 6th December 2019
  • Drama and Buddy Method
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Volos (Greece)

    • 9th March 2020 – 13th March 2020
    • Outdoor Learning
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Torrent (Spain)

    • 25th October 2021 – 29th October 2021
    • Digital Literacy
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Zagreb (Croatia)

    • 13th December 2021 – 17th December 2021
    • Cooperative Teaching and Learning
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Cinisi (Italy)

    • 31st January 2022 – 4th February 2022
    • Games and Music
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Armagh (Northern Ireland)

    • 4th April 2022 – 8th April 2022
    • Creativity and Storytelling
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