We have the pleasure to communicate you that Julio Verne School is the coordinator centre of the project 4LIFE (For Literacy and Inclusion through Fun and Edutainment), co-funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Program

The above-mentioned project will be developed internationally for two years. Julio Verne School will be leading and coordinating the agenda, actions and activities what will take place throughout the project, together with five collaborating schools.

The key outcome for this project is the development of inclusion in the classroom trough reading and writing skills.

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15th Primary School Volos


Expert on outdoor learning (Geocaching)

15th Primary School is situated near the centre of the city of Volos. There are 120 students and nine teachers as permanent staff. School environment keeps changing very fast, reflecting the changes our local society undergoes. As a result of these changes, about 20% of our students come from a malfunctioned family background, facing problems like poverty, unemployment, child neglect etc. The school does its best to try to prevent the social exclusion of these students by organising events and exhibitions which create a positive and friendly environment.

On the other hand, 10% of our students are excellent and succeed in competitions, national tests, and are encouraged to develop their skills and talents. Both these groups and the third one, the largest group of average students are being well cared for by the school’s teachers, who provide them with every possible care by using different methods.

We need to encourage all students even the shyest of them to be active in class, try to make all lessons appealing and generally create a hospitable and friendly school environment for all students and teachers as well.